Want to make your Gmail better so that you can do things better and faster? Here are our top 10 Gmail tricks and tips that made our workflow better, and more importantly, will help you to take it to the next level.


1. Get Notifications When You Receive New Emails (One of the Least Known Gmail Tricks and Tips)

Your phone sends you notifications when you receive an email, so why doesn’t your computer?


It turns out there is such an option, it’s just that Gmail never told us about it.

Here’s how to set it up:

  1. On your Gmail, press on the gear icon on the upper-right part of the screen.
  2. Click on the General tab and scroll until you find…
Gmail Tricks and Tips - Make Your Gmail Better email notifcations

There, you’ll have an option to either receive notifications about all the emails you receive, or the most important ones.

You Can Also Know When People Open Your Emails

Knowing when someone replies to you is great, but wouldn’t it be even better if you knew what happened prior to someone clicking on your email?

Imagine how much better your Gmail could be if you knew what links people clicked on and whether they even opened your email in the first place.

Gmail Tricks and Tips - Make Your Gmail Better notifcation on real time email opens

This is where MailTag comes in as a Chrome extension that gives you real-time notifications about when your emails are open or even when your links are opened.

What can you do with that information?

Let’s give some examples:

  1. John clicked on a specific link you sent because it got his interest. That now gives you an opportunity to tailor your next email towards that link.
  2. Jane never opened your email. Instead of debating over why she didn’t like your email, you now know that she just never opened it. Now you have to figure out whether your cold email subject line was the issue (we have a blog about subject lines) or whether she just missed your email, and you just need to follow up. Either way, you can now make your Gmail better or just get a reply with a follow-up.

3. Cancel the Emails You Sent (Even After 5 Seconds Are Gone) – One of Our Favorite Gmail Tricks and Tips

Did you ever wish you could cancel an email that you just sent?

We, for sure, did!

sent wrong email mistake, undo email, cancel email

Gmail currently gives you 5 seconds as a default for you to undo your email.

That is often not enough.

However, one of the most unknown Gmail tricks and tips out there is that you can undo your emails for up to 30 seconds.

Now you won’t have to feel like you ruined an opportunity due to a tiny mistake.

Here’s how you can apply this Gmail trick:

  • Go to your Gmail Settings by pressing on the gear icon on the upper-right part of the screen.
  • On the General section, scroll until you find the Undo Send section. 
  • Adjust your time to 30 seconds.
Gmail Tricks and Tips - Make Your Gmail Better Undo send

Simple? Yup! Life-saving? Perhaps not life-saving, but sometimes potential client saving? Yup!

4. Send Your Emails to the Right Place

This is one of the Gmail tricks and tips that isn’t Gmail exclusive as it doesn’t directly work just with Gmail but relates entirely to emails.

Hunter.io allows you to find email addresses within domains of websites.

That means that you can skip customer service and reach out directly to the department/individual that you want to reach out to, and often save yourself days of waiting.

5. Schedule Your Emails so That They Are Sent at the Right Time

In our previous posts, we wrote about how much of an influence timing can have as far as response rates.

…If you send an email at a time where individuals are less likely to be motivated to reply and want to food, you are reducing your chances of getting a favorable reply. What is it that Snickers says? You are not yourself when you are hungry, right?

With the MailTag extension, you can also schedule your emails to be sent at the right time.

Gmail Tricks and Tips - Make Your Gmail Better schedule your emails

If you want somebody to see your email first thing in the morning, instead of having to wake up early just to send it, press on the Schedule Email icon when composing your email, and schedule for your email to be sent at your desired time.

6. Save Time Writing Your Emails

Our communication through Gmail is never going to be the same with everyone, but there will always be similarities in every conversation that you won’t be able to just copy-and-paste, but that you will wish you didn’t have to write out every single time.

That’s where Text Expander comes in as a tool that can save you a ton of time by eliminating writing certain parts of your email.

Gmail Tricks and Tips - Make Your Gmail Better text expander

With Text Expander, you can turn specific keywords of your choice into your desired text. Whether that’s us typing mail3 to get a set of 3 links, or whether that’s us typing endemail for an ending of an email to appear.

The great thing about Text Expander is that it doesn’t just work with just Gmail, and you can use it everywhere on your computer.

7. Get Suggestions on What to Write

Gmail’s Smart Compose is an auto prediction tool that predicts how you want to finish your sentence, and while relatively new, it’s one of the Gmail tricks and tips that most people already applied since Gmail asked users if they want it to be enabled.

If you never enabled it, here’s how you can do it now:

  1. Press on the gear icon on the upper-right part of the screen.
  2. Go to Settings, and in the General section, scroll until you find Smart Compose
  3. Select Writing Suggestions On.
Gmail Tricks and Tips - Make Your Gmail Better smart compose

8. Automatically Follow Up

Somebody didn’t open your email? 

The Ping Email feature on MailTag will automatically follow up for you if your emails haven’t been read. 

Just press on the Ping Email icon, which will be the third icon from the left when composing a message, and choose your ping sequence, which you can edit from the MailTag dashboard.

9. Create Labels (One of the Most Popular Gmail Tricks and Tips)

If you deal with a lot of emails, labels on Gmail allow you to organize your inbox much better.

What are labels? Think of them as -sub-categories for your emails.

Right now, in Gmail, you have 3 tabs. Primary, Social, and Promotions.

All the emails you receive get categorized into these tabs.

With labels, you can organize your emails much better.

Let’s give some practical examples:

  1. If you receive a lot of emails for a specific client, you can put a label on that client. That way, all the emails you receive from someone will be in one spot.
  2. If you receive a lot of invoices, you can turn on labels for all the invoices you receive, making all your financials are in one place whenever you need them.

This is one of those Gmail tricks and tips that might not make a huge difference to your right now, but if you work with a client in the long-term, being able to have all the emails in one place can save you a ton of time.

How do you set labels up?

  • Once again, go to the gear icon and press on Settings.
  • Press on the Labels tab. 
  • Select Create New Label.
Gmail Tricks and Tips gmail labels
  • Press Create.
  • Now on your Gmail, select the email of your choice with right-click, and press Label As

Of course, not every email you exchange with someone is about the same topic.

And there’s where Gmail’s filter system comes in.

  • In your Settings, press on Filters and Blocked Addresses.
  • Choose Create Filter.
  • There and on the next tab, you can select that if there’s a certain phrase in an email from a certain recipient, that that email gets put into your desired label.

10. Activate Vertical Split to Read Your Emails Quicker

Gmail’s Vertical Split feature makes it easier for you to go through emails as it shows your inbox on the left, with your messages on the right.

Gmail vertical split feature

How do you enable it?

  1. In your Gmail, press on the gear icon and go to Settings.
  2. Go to Advanced and Enable the Preview Pane.
  3. Go back to your inbox, and on the left of the gear icon, you will see an option to switch between panes.

These Gmail Tricks and Tips Will Make Your Gmail Better

Some of these 10 Gmail tricks and tips are part of Gmail directly. Others aren’t, but either way, these will make your Gmail better.

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