If it wasn’t for the fact that Google Chrome add-ons options are so much better than on other browsers, even with Google not giving the Chrome store as much love, let’s face it, people wouldn’t be using it as it loves to drain resources. 

Here are some of the best Google Chrome add-ons that will help you get more done, but that will also speed up your Chrome, so that you don’t just work better, but also faster:

Best Google Chrome Add-ons

1. Session Buddy

Bookmarks are great, but do you ever open them back?

Probably not. Right?

They are just a bit too organized.

Session Buddy?

It’s the best organizer of tabs out there.

Working on a project? Go back to a set of tabs you finished on the last time, without having to go to each site individually. Just open up Session Budy and save them under your desired name. For that reason, this is one of our favorite Google Chrome add-ons of all time.

Chrome crashed? Session Buddy also saves your tabs meaning that you will never have to go through your entire history to find the tabs you had open.

Oh, and Session Buddy is also an extension that will speed Chrome up as it allows you to eliminate the tabs you have open but don’t currently need. (We do have some other options as far as that in this post too.)

2. The Great Suspender (One of the Best Google Chrome Add-Ons for Speeding up Chrome)

This is one of those add-ons that will help you get more done by allowing your browser to simply work faster.

It’s a simple extension that suspends tabs that you haven’t been using for quite some time.

That way, you can still have your tab from 9-hours ago open for when you do want to go back to it, but that tab won’t be taking up resources from your computer as it will be frozen.

If you have a lot of tabs open daily and don’t rock more than 64 GB of RAM, this is a must-have!

Of course, you won’t want every tab that you use to be frozen. And this is where the extension stands out with a wide variety of settings, which make sure that only the tabs you are okay with being frozen are frozen.

3. Grammarly

Our brains suck at spotting mistakes.

You can be the greatest writer out there, but you will still miss your mistakes, especially if you write a lot.

It’s not your fault, though. 

Our brains skip through text and make out things for us. That means that we very often see content that’s spelled completely wrong and see it as if it was spelled right.

That, at times, can be a problem.

…Especially if you are sending an important email/pitch or perhaps project.

You could, in theory, hire a proofreader, but that would require a big budget that most of us don’t have, and who wants to wait for someone to read our text? We live in a rushed society…

Grammarly? It’s a writing assistant you won’t be able to live without once you try it. 

Best Chrome extensions Grammarly

Not only is it the most powerful grammar and spelling correction tool out there, but it’s also a tool that will guide you as far as tone, style, clarity, and delivery of your document, just to name a few.

It’s by far the most impactful Google Chrome add-on for those that write a lot! And speaking of writing a lot…

4. Google Docs Offline

Google Docs Offline is a terrible tool as far as performance.

It’s incredibly power-hungry.

It does make life easy, though, as it allows you to save all your Google Docs content, whether spreadsheets or not, offline, meaning that you always have access to your documents on the go.

11 Best Google Chrome Add-Ons That ill Help You Get More Done Google Docs

Even more importantly, it means that you can work with Google Docs without any internet directly from your Chrome.

5. Dark Reader ( One of the Best Google Chrome Add-Ons for Working at Night)

We spend around 9 hours in front of a screen per day, on average.

White screens? Fine during the day. Extra eye-straining at night.


Dark Reader is a very simple Chrome add-on. It just turns every piece of white on a website into black.

Turn Chrome dark extension dark reader, google chrome

Install it and use it at night or when in dark spaces, and you will right away notice the positive effects of this extension on your eyes. In fact, we are using this plugin as we are writing this article right now.
Pro tip: Unless you just love black themes, we don’t recommend you use this Google Chrome extension during the day as while dark themes like this work great when in darkness, they make it harder to read during the day.

6. MailTag

MailTag is one of those Chrome add-ons that could count as a lot more than just 1 add-on.

That’s because it’s a 3-in-1.

  • Know what happens when you send your email with real-time tracking.
  • Schedule your emails to be sent at your desired time. 
  • Automatically follow up with those that viewed your email but never got back to you.
email tracker, schedule emails, best chrome add-ons

A must-have if your work consists of emailing.

Have you ever wondered if somebody even looked at your email?

With MailTag, you know right away.

That’s right. No more Jane telling you that she never saw your email when she viewed it 20 times in the last 2 weeks.

It also means that you now have the data around what people click on in your emails and whether they open them or not, which as a result, will allow you to write better emails in the future. 

7. Hunter.io (One of the Best Google Chrome Add-Ons for Emailing)

Would it not be great if you didn’t have to search for an email address on a site? 

And what if you could right away find the right email contact to reach out to instead of having to reach out to customer support?

Hunter is an extension that finds emails within a domain, saving you a ton of time on finding emails.

8. Burner Mail

Ever feel like you don’t want to give your email address on a specific site?

Of course, you do! 

There’s a lot of dodgy looking sites.

And the same applies to giving out your email addresses in public. Right?

Somebody will find it and will start to send unwanted emails that you won’t be able to get rid of.

Burner Mail is an extension that prevents all that.

The extension creates burner emails for you and then forwards the messages you receive to you.

With it, you will protect your personal email while controlling who can send you an email, and if you get some emails you don’t want to receive, just create a new burner with a few clicks.

Whenever you start to receive unwanted emails on an address, you can turn that burner off and the senders of those emails won’t be able to reach you.

Don’t want to receive unwanted emails with your current email? Then we recommend you check out our Gmail Filter Tips post.

9. Loom – Video Recorder

Need to show someone something and taking a picture of it with your phone isn’t an option?

There’s a reason why this Chome add-on has a million users.

Loom is the simplest Chrome screen recorder out there. 

Just click on the extension, select your desired options, and start recording.

10. OneTab

Remember Session Buddy?

OneTab is very similar.

Yet, completely different, which is why recommend you get two of these.

Session Buddy is fantastic for saving the tabs you want to use for the future, but OneTab is a much better option for those looking to manage their tabs right now.

Why? As with one simple click on the extension, you put your tabs into one tab, and then select which ones you want to go into from there.

Think of it as of having all your tabs in one tab.

11. Tab Resize

Don’t have two monitors and can’t spread your workflow out? With Tab Resize, now you can.

Tab Resize is one of the best Chrome add-ons that once again incredible simple, but that will allow you to get far more done.

What this extension does is that it allows you to split tabs between your screen, whether that’s 2 splits or 4 splits.

Best Google Chrome Add-ons

With this extension, you have your research on one side, meanwhile having your projects on the other side.

Of course, we do recommend you just invest in a second monitor for even better productivity, but if you only have one screen, this extension will make a huge difference as far as your workflow goes.

These Are the Best Google Chrome Add-Ons That Will Help You Get More Done

The most useful Chrome add-ons? Let’s face it, it’s the ones that speed your Chrome up in the first place as none of these extensions will be as useful as they could be if your Chrome is lagging.

But after that, all of these extensions will make a big difference in your workflow and will allow you to get far more done when using Chrome than ever before.

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