5 add-ons for Gmail to save 5 hours per week? It’s possible. These 5 add-ons for emails will automate the most time-consuming parts of writing emails, and that’s where the most time can be saved.

5 Add-Ons for Gmail That Will Save You Hours Every Week, Gmail, Gmail add-ons, Grammarly, MailTag, Text Expander, Otter

Imagine what you could do with that extra time. Perhaps more family time, perhaps a time for an extra date, or something as simple as being more active.

We all have the same 24-hours. How we optimize our day, that’s up to us, but these 5 add-ons for Gmail will drastically help with that:

1. Fix Your Writing in Gmail with Grammarly

There’s a variety of different mistakes that people are making when writing emails, that prevent them from getting a reply. Still, there are two mistakes everyone makes, no exception — spelling, and grammar mistakes.

Due to how brains work, regardless of how great at writing we are, it’s inventible that we will make mistakes, especially when dealing with a lot of writing.

A lot of people will sacrifice time and the state of flow when writing their email, just to try to be correct, and it’s a noble effort, but even with that, there will be times when there will be a “too” written instead of a “to” mixed with a bunch of other errors.

Here are some of my top mistakes:

5 Add-ons for Gmail that will save you hours every week, Grammarly, Gramarly saving time, Grammarly add-on

It’s not that I don’t know how to spell these, but spending time making sure everything is perfect as I write, it’s not time-efficient and kills creativity due to killing the state of flow. (There’s a book about it.)


It eliminates the need to think about mistakes. Meaning that you can save time correcting and can instead concentrate on your email properly, increasing the quality, in much less time spent.

If you ended up on a post like this, the ad algorithms probably already figured out to show you a Grammarly ad before.

And it’s true.

Grammarly is able to pick out mistakes that we can’t even notice ourselves.

A lot of people judge based on grammar. If you are pitching someone or just writing an important email, it’s important to write everything correctly. Think of an email as of the clothing you wear. You wouldn’t go to an important meeting wearing your gym outfit, would you?

2. Stop Writing the Obvious with Text Expander

In our posts about what every email needs, we always mention not to copy and paste emails.

But let’s face it, there are only a few different introductions that you can do just like there are only a few different examples you can give, and being able to copy and paste some parts of your email, would save a lot of time.

And that’s where Text Expander comes in.

Text Expander is a tool that allows you to give code names for specific phrases.

Let’s give an example:

If you are pitching tech companies, and some of the companies are power bank companies, if you have a specific part of the email that would remain the same, instead of having to copy and paste from a different email, you can just type in: “intro1” and that specific part would appear.

Text Expander is especially a very useful tool for putting in links in emails.

3. Know What Emails Get Results with MailTag’s Email Tracking

Saving time isn’t just about writing emails faster.

It’s about knowing what works best depending on the scenario.

Of course, there’s a lot of stats on the internet around what works great and what doesn’t, but while you should use stats as a guideline, stats don’t consider exactly what you are doing.

And that’s where getting your own data comes in.

MailTag is one of the add-ons for Gmail that will improve the quality of your emails, saving you the need to follow-up as much, or to pitch as much if you are just looking for a client.


By tracking when people open your emails, and how they react to them.

Sent some links as examples? With MailTag, you’ll know what links people clicked.

5 Add-Ons for Gmail That Will Save You Hours Every Week, MailTag, Email Tracker, Email Tracking Software

If you know that and get a reply, you know what links interest people, and vice versa.

The same also applies to subject lines. If people are opening emails with certain subject lines, that’s data that shows that you should utilize those more.

Data is great, but data doesn’t apply to every case unless it’s data that directly links to us, which is the case with MailTag.

P.S. Yes, it feels great knowing when someone opens your email. Especially when they tell you they didn’t see it. #Liars.

4. Speak Your Emails with Otter

Not everyone loves typing. If you send a lot of emails, especially on the longer side, this is where Otter comes in.

This is a tool that will especially save you time by allowing you to maximize your time.

Heading for a meeting? You can speak out an email, and Otter will convert it into text.

A speech-to-text app so? It’s much more than that.

The issue with other speech-to-text apps is that when they hear you wrong, that’s it. Otter? It uses AI to figure out what you actually meant, saving you time on the correction side of things.

A lot of the add-ons for Gmail that will save you hours every week don’t just work with Gmail, though, and the same applies here. Otter is also great for things such as recording meetings since it’s able to differentiate between speakers, and many other office life aspects.

5. Automate Email Follow-Ups

Not sending follow-ups right now? You are making a huge mistake.

It’s costing your reply rate big time. 

Why? As Frank didn’t reply to your email, not because it sucked, but because they perhaps just didn’t see it. Or maybe they saw it but forgot to reply even though they had the intention to.

Follow-ups, result in replies.

Any kind of follow-up will increase your email reply rate by up to 50%. 

People just need to see your email, whether that’s as a reminder or for the first time.

With MailTag that we already mentioned, you can track when people open your emails to have a better outlook, but you can also send automatic follow-ups for emails that aren’t opened, once again saving you time, and hours every week, especially if you send a lot of emails.

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These Are the Top 5 Add-Ons for Gmail Which Will Save You a Ton of Time

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