Sick of the companies/prospects that you want to work with, not replying to your cold emails? These 5 cold emailing tips that we will cover in this post are simple, but they will get you the replies that you are after.

1. Make Sure the Recipient Knows Your Email Is Intended for Them Right Away

Including the name/company of your recipient in the subject line can increase the open rate of the emails you sent by 22.2%.

That doesn’t mean that you will get a reply, but if the rest of your email is already great, if people open your email more, you are vastly increasing the likelihood of getting a reply.

You also want to make sure to use someone’s name in the introduction of your cold email.

If somebody glances at your email, their name being there can often be the difference between them leaving or staying. 

You need to put yourself in the shoes of whoever you are cold emailing. Do they most likely receive a ton of emails? If so, how can you draw their attention? 

You do it by standing out. And that starts you with providing the name of the person/company in the subject line and the introduction. 

2. Keep Your Cold Emails Short

Why would a complete stranger read an essay that you wrote? Who are they? Your English teacher? 

We get it. You want to provide someone with as much value as possible.

…But too much value is just as bad as too little of it.

If somebody replies to your cold email, that’s when you can provide more value, but in your initial cold email, make sure to keep it as simple as possible.

Here’s an example of what one of my clients sent to me:

5 Cold Emailing Tips That Will Get You a Reply

If I work with someone and they at times barely have time to reply to me, how will they have time to read and reply to your long emails?

Before you send your email, go over it, and ask yourself whether every part is relevant. If it’s not, cut it out.

There’s never a reason for your first email to be 300+ words.

Need to include more information in an email due to the nature of the email? Then work on formatting your email in a way that makes someone want to read it. Use bullet points, implement a lot of short paragraphs, and highlight the key parts. 

You can always also provide a Google Doc with some more in-depth information in the email.

3. …But Personalize Them

We already mentioned the importance of providing a name in the subject line and how it increases open rates drastically.

But you are looking for replies and not just for a high open-rate.

That’s why every single cold email you send requires you to do some research, and for you to put in something truly unique that relates to the prospect you are reaching out to.

4. Follow Up (The Most Important Cold Emailing Tip)

One of the greatest cold emailing tips that can be given is for you to simply follow up.

In many ways, follow-ups are more important than initial emails.

70% of emails that didn’t get a reply consisted of just one email.

Most cold emailers just send a cold email and expect a response, and when they don’t get it, they assume that somebody just hated their cold email and move on.

But what if somebody just never read your cold email, or did, and forgot about it? 

MailTag is a Chrome extension that allows you to see that. With it, you can track your emails so that you will always know when your email has been opened, how often it is being read, and if your recipents are clicking on the links that you are providing.

5 Cold Emailing Tips That Will Get You a Reply pings

With it, your follow-ups can also be sent automatically if there’s no action on them. (Make sure to read our post about the Benefits of Email Tracking to learn more about email trackers.)

5. Send Your Emails at the Right Time If You Want to Get a Reply

If you are looking to learn more about the importance of time, we highly recommend that you check out Tony Robbins’s podcast with Daniel Pink. It will make you aware of why time is important when it comes to getting replies.

Daniel Pink is the author of When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing but also of books such as Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us.

5 Cold Emailing Tips That Will Get You a Reply

Data shows that people make less favorable decisions as the day goes by.

That means that your cold email is far less likely or more likely to get a reply and a positive one, depending on the time you send it at.

Except, who wants to start sending emails at 6 am? And what if your prospect isn’t in your time zone, and emailing them at 3 am is the most optimum?

That’s where MailTag comes in with the ability to schedule emails for you. 

Cold Email follow up with MailTag

With MailTag, you can select the time you want your emails to be sent, with ease. Once the time comes, MailTag will send them out, and just like that, you’ll increase the likelihood of getting a reply.

Don’t Just Apply These 5 Cold Emailing Tips If You Want a Reply

These 5 cold emailing tips will help you get a reply, but what will perhaps help you, even more, is avoiding these 5 Simple Cold Emailing Mistakes that we covered in one of our previous blog posts before.