Whether you are sending a sales email or just pitching that client you always wanted, if you aren’t doing these 5 things that every successful email sent needs, you aren’t going to get all the email replies that you could get. Decreasing the chances of getting the outcome you desired from your email.

In this in-depth email sending guide, we are covering the 5 absolute fundaments that every email sent needs for email replies while giving some examples of emails that we received, and what’s wrong with them.

5 Things That Every Email Sent Needs to Get Email Replies

Ready to get more email replies?

1. Professional Email Address (To Get Email Replies, People Need to Trust the Sender)

Let’s pretend you own a successful product review site. If I reach out to you offering you a MailTag subscription to review our email tracking, automatic follow-ups, and email scheduling tool, how do you know that I am who I say I am if my email does not have a @mailtag.io?

In that specific example, you could probably get away with it as it doesn’t make much sense for anyone to lie in that circumstance.

But if it was the opposite way around, and you are reaching out to us about reviewing MailTag, how would we know that you are from a given site unless you have a professional email from that site?

So many emails that everyone receives are from scammers.

Unless you are emailing a friend, and you aren’t here to email a friend, the first thing that every successful email consists of is a professional domain. 

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Luckily, it’s super easy to get a professional email. All you need is a domain, which you already have if you have a website, and well, with Google’s G Suite, you can use that email with the Gmail feel we all love.

Having a professional email will increase your chances of a reply because it makes you more trustworthy right away. 

2. A Clear Subject Line (This Alone Will Let You Get up to 50% More Email Replies)

With American workers alone receiving an average of 126 emails per day, and that just being the average, people are busy, and often choose whether they will open an email based on its subject line. In fact, 33% of emails are opened based on subject lines.

If your one doesn’t get your email opened right away, 3 days later, there might be 300+ emails ahead of your email, making it very unlikely that it will be read. (That’s where writing follow-up emails that most people don’t write comes in. A simple follow-up can increase your response rate by 50%.)

Replying to emails just takes a lot of time, especially if some decisions have to be made. If someone was to spend just 5 minutes replying to pitches or forwarding messages, that’s 600 minutes per day.

600 minutes = 10 hours. Most people don’t even work that much, never mind having just a job where they email people.

If you are fast and you take around 2.5 minutes, that’s still 5 hours.

5 Things That Every Email Sent Needs to Get Email Replies

The Perfect Subject Line:

Some guides on the internet will suggest subject lines that have some mystery so that the email recipient gets curious and clicks on it. That tactic works, but only if your email recipient doesn’t get many emails.

The perfect subject line is just to be clear about what you want, and to mention the company name so that the recipient knows you aren’t copying and pasting your emails.

For instance: Helping X With Y

We cover this more in-depth in some of our other content.

3. The Email Body

There’s a lot that you can do in an email that you send, but there’s also a lot you shouldn’t do if you want to get email replies.

We are going to cover 2 examples of cold emails that had potential, covering the issues in them so that you analyze them with your emails, and then we’ll share 5 things that every message must-have if you are looking to get email replies.

Example of What Not to Do No.1:

Dear site owner,

Never write something like that. It decreases the chances of your email even being opened as email recipents see the subject line and the first line of an email, and it shows that you didn’t do your research.

Go around the site or use hunter.io to find the right emails along with the names of people.

I’d like to draw your attention for a moment to the benefit of having a professional Instagram page for your business. As an internet marketer who has tried it all, I can confidently tell you that Instagram is the best marketing platform out there.

This talks about how great Instagram is, but not specifically how it would benefit our business, meaning it’s not customized. That’s the point where most that clicked on the email leave. Customization is the most crucial part of emails.

When Sending Emails, When Offering Something, Make Sure to Offer It in a Way That Directly Benefits Your Email Recipient!

Here are 10 reasons why you should start using Instagram right now: (Website was given here.)

The fact that that the sender included a link is great. Most emails don’t do that. The link links to reasons why having an Instagram profile is beneficial.

Ideally, while you can link to someone’s content, it would position you more as an expert if you write the content yourself on your site, and then link to other stats/facts.

Overall, aim to include 2-3 quality links of your work in your email.

Promoting a website and getting traffic can be a big frustration. I know this feeling, because I’ve been there. And from my experience, I know that a properly managed Instagram page can take your sales to the sky.

It’s great that you have experience, but you haven’t shown it because you don’t have examples of work or clients, or even just of links to your social media showing who you are.

I’ve been growing 240 Instagram pages over the last year. I can help your business grow, too.

Hiring me means hiring someone who has been doing internet marketing since 2008, with significant experience and a resume with hundreds of satisfied customers.

Here’s What the Writer of This Email Expected You to Think:

240 pages? Wow, you must be great. 

What a Quality Client Actually Thinks:

If someone manages so many Instagram pages, how will they manage my page effectively? There are not enough hours in a day to work on all of them. 

Hiring me means hiring someone who has been doing internet marketing since 2008, with significant experience and a resume with hundreds of satisfied customers.

You don’t show any evidence of that in this email because you don’t provide any links or examples.

I usually take $75 per month (You can pay through Paypal).

Never mention price in the first email.

We didn’t even discuss what we can do together, and you are already giving prices. 

I have 30 graphic designers, engagement analytics, traffic boosters, and content creators, all of whom will help to grow your Instagram page.

Okay, he brings a bit of trust back my mentioning that he does not run 240 pages by himself.

Want to know more, or to see some of my customer’s Instagram pages? Get in touch today!

While it’s true that you should always keep some leverage for the next emails, if you don’t provide enough in the first email, in most cases, you already lost.

The biggest problem of that email? That site actually had an Instagram page. If you want to get successful email replies, you need to spend your 5 minutes researching. You either send a lot of emails and convert 1 in 100, or you spend some time on each email, and sometimes convert 4 in 10. That’s your call.

Example of What Not to Do No.2:

Hi, I’m Adam, a freelance web programmer

I will look at your website and give you 10 tips to improve it.These may vary from graphical changes, coding errors, hacking exploits, search engine optimisation, usability, design, conversions %26 more. You can either tell me which areas to concentrate on, or allow me to offer an overall evaluation. On top of these points, I will also tell you how to take action on these changes, via “how to fix” guides and tutorials.

Firstly, we get that you are a programmer, but surely you know that it’s “26%.”

Bad grammar kills trust.

Secondly, with this example, we’ll actually correct the email:

Hey there, I’m Adam x, I’m a freelance web programmer, and I’m reaching out to you as I noticed that (Put a website name here so that the email recipient knows the email is meant for them.), while overall great, has some coding issues which are slowing it down, and making your content rank poorer.

For instance, (now you actually provide a tip that a reader can right away implement to show that you are directing the reader. And that you can actually help.) If you fix this issue, and some of the other issues I have found on your website, it would have a huge impact for your users and potential customers.

I assume this is something that you would like to take care of. So how about you get back to me on this, and I’ll send you a plan on how we can go about it? (There are many ways you can actually end this email. You can offer a call, to chat, and many other ways.)

The writer should also provide a link to their site because being a programmer does not mean anything without context.

Top 5 Points on How to Write an Email That Will Get Email Replies:

  1. Mention someone’s name/company name.
  2. Customize your email so that the recipient knows it’s intended for them.
  3. Provide the email recipient with some value such as an error on their website.
  4. Provide links to your site or examples of work.
  5. Don’t oversell by mentioning that you work with 240 companies, nor provide pricing in your first email.

4. A Call-To-Action

A call-to-action is anything that will get someone to act.

If you provide a lot of value and get someone interested, that’s great, but where do you go from there? You need to provide a means for someone to take action if you want to get email replies that get you what you want.

Here are some examples of calls-to-action:

  1. If this is something you are interested in, let me know, and I’ll provide a shipping address.
  2. I’d like to send you some of my ideas for content if this is something you’d be interested in, and we can go from there.
Businesspeople Answering the Phone Call

Anything that will move you towards the next step in whatever the purpose of your email sent is, will work.

5. Social Proof

See this email?

There’s a lot of things wrong with it.

But let’s say we were interested in what the email offered.

There’s no mention of the name of the person, there’s no link to a website or any social media platform, and there’s also no picture. Oh, and the email was sent from a @gmail.com.

If you receive 126 emails per day, you aren’t going to spend 10-15 minutes trying to locate someone on the internet.

And that’s where email signatures come in.

You need to make it easy for someone to know who you are right away

If you are not showing who you are, you are decreasing the chances of getting email replies that are successful.

Showing who you are creates trust that is crucial if you want to get successful email replies.

And with there being so many free email signature platforms, it only takes a minute to create an awesome email signature.

That’s 5 Things That Every Email Sent Needs to Get Email Replies That You Want

The key to getting more email replies? It’s to analyze what works and what doesn’t.

In this in-depth email sending guide, we covered the 5 fundaments of this. But to get even more out of your emails, in your specific industry, analyzing what works and doesn’t work for you, will take your emails sent to an even higher level.

And that’s where MailTag comes in as a tool that allows you to track your emails.

With MailTag, you’ll know when people open your emails, and when they don’t. And based on that, you’ll know what subject lines work better, and what types of emails get more replies. And based on that data, you can improve your emails even further.

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MailTag is a Google Chrome extension and only takes a minute setup.

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