Your cold email subject lines. That’s the first thing that people see when you send your cold emails. If you want your cold emails to be read and replied to, people need to click on them first. Especially since 33% of emails are opened based on email subject lines alone.

That’s why it makes a lot of sense to look into cold email subject lines, and frankly, subject lines aren’t complicated. It’ just that internet guides make them complicated for no reason.

In this guide, we are going over cold email subject lines examples and tips.

Never Use: “(Company Name)” as Your Cold Email Subject Line

This is a very common subject line that we receive, and one that surprisingly gets mentioned quite a bit in guides about cold email subject lines.

We, for sure, do encourage that you mention the name of the company you are reaching out to in the cold email subject line. That makes your email sound like it’s directed towards the recipient rather than just a copy and paste cold email, but don’t just provide a cold email subject line.

Providing just the company name doesn’t make the recipient aware of what the email is about, and that lowers the chances of your emails being opened.

Don’t Oversell or Clickbait

A big portion of guides around email subject lines refer to newsletter emails, and while marketing phrases like: “[URGENT] You’ve got ONE DAY to watch this…” can work well when it comes to that type of emails, when it comes to cold email subject lines, you should avoid them at all costs!

Phrases like “urgent” add too much marketing vibes to your email. And nobody likes to look at those types of emails.

Oh, and don’t clickbait. It might get your email opened, but it won’t get you a reply.

Cold Email Subject Lines That Will Get Your Emails Opened

Keep Your Cold Email Subject Lines Short and Be Clear

50 characters. Can you do it? Well, you should if you want to write cold email subject lines that get opened.

That has to do with subject line visibility, but even more so with being clear, which is the most crucial aspect of cold email subject lines.

A successful cold email subject line is the one that gets to the point in as little words as possible, as that’s what a subject line ultimately is, it’s a summary of what’s coming in the email.

State what you want to offer + mention company name/name of a person.

Be Familiar

Using phrases like: “found you because of x” or “x recommended me” will grab the attention of a recipient because they automatically know you are targetting specifically them, but it also makes them think of that person, which then makes them more likely to click.

“He’s friends with Jake? I love Jake.” 

When possible, it helps to mention someone that knows whoever you are reaching out to. That right away will build trust.

This is something that we apply all the time (when it relates) in our emails.

Cold Email Subject Lines Examples – These Will Get Your Emails Opened 

  1. Helping x Grow
  2. X (Blogging Proposition)
  3. Helping x Grow With x 
  4. Reviewing Your x
  5. Helping x With Blogging
  6. Collaboration – (name product/what you have in mind simplified)
  7. 5 () Improvements 
  8. 5 (Photography) Improvements That Will Help x
  9. Helping x Grow (You Know My Partner X)
  10. Helping You Update x 

These examples are all flexible and can be adjusted per needs of the industry you are in, but they are all incredibly simple, yet effective, resulting in an average of 92% open rate as tracked by our MailTag tracker.  

That’s because they get to the point as quickly possible. The recipient knows what the email is about right away.

Bonus Tip: (Apply If Your Email Doesn’t Get Opened)

Follow up.

Only 24% of sales emails get opened the first time on average. With those being opened 8x more than other types of emails.

These cold email subject lines tips and examples that we mention in this article will get your emails opened a lot more, but statistically, there’s still going to be a lot of people that won’t open your emails. 

And that’s fine. 

Sometimes it’s not you. It’s just someone missing an email or forgetting about it. That can happen when you receive a lot of emails.

Especially if you send an email to someone at a time where they are super tired or have something going on. It’s very easy to forget about an email when you have a lot going on.

That’s why it’s so important to follow-up. And 44% of people don’t do it at all.

With MailTag you can follow up automatically with our ping feature that allows for a sequence of follow-ups to be sent for you after a set amount of time. But you can also schedule your emails so that they are sent at the right time in the first place, thus drastically increasing the chance of your email being opened and replied to.

Cold Email Subject Lines That Will Get Your Emails Opened mailtag email tracking email tracker

Cold Email Subject Lines That Will Get Your Emails Opened Are Simple

You probably came to this post expecting some mindblowing breakthrough cold email subject lines examples or tips. 

There’s nothing mindblowing about cold emailing subject lines that get opened.

Your cold email subject line should be clear and tell the recipient exactly what you seek, so they know what you want in as little time as possible.

That’s the key to getting cold emails opened.

Of course, if you have some ultra-creative lines that you think will work great with certain companies, use them. There’s nothing wrong with experimentation. Whatever works, works.

But either way, just because your cold emails get opened (which you can track with MailTag) doesn’t mean that someone is going to reply to them. And that’s where our blog comes in, with content such as about 5 Cold Emailing Tips That You Need to Stop Making. 

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