G Suite is an incredible platform with some fantastic built-in apps that allow for great teamwork. Yet, no platform provides it all, which is where these G Suite apps come in as a means for you to take your work to the next level.

G Suite Apps to Take Your Work to the Next Level mailtag

Draw.io (One of People’s Favorite G Suite Apps)

G Suite, by default, does not make it easy to draw diagrams, and that can be limiting for those that depend on diagrams in their workflow.

Draw.io? It’s a Google Drive integrated diagram drawing tool that will allow you to do the diagrams that you need to do directly from your Drive, which will speed up your entire workflow.

After all, there’s a reason why it has over 10 million users.


In a recent post about 5 Add-Ons for Gmail That Will Save You Hours Every Week we mentioned Otter.ai. It’s a great app for recording meetings, notes, or even emails as it’s the most advanced speech-to-text recorder out there. With its AI ability being able to figure out what you meant when you said it in a hard way to understand.

If you find that you prefer talking than writing, or are on the go, Otter.ai will speed up whatever you are doing. Whether it’s writing a Google Doc or writing an email.

G Suite Apps to Take Your Work to the Next Level


Supermetrics allows you to monitor and analyze your campaigns in Google Sheets, without much effort on your side.

Since it integrates with Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Bing, Twitter, Linkedin, and other platforms you might use, it makes the process of tracking everything far simpler. The service does it all for you and then provides you with customized reports that show you what you are looking for.

At MailTag, we love great visual data which you can see with our tool, which we’ll talk about next. And this also applies to Supermetrics, making it an all-around great tool for insights.

MailTag for Tracking Emails, Automatic Follow-Ups, and Scheduling Emails…

One of the most limiting aspects of email services, whether it’s G Suite or not? The lack of email tracking ability.

Once you send an email, you don’t know anything about what happens with it.

Whether somebody clicked on that link, you included or whether the email was even opened.

And that’s where MailTag comes in.

MailTag is a Google Chrome app that works with G Suite and Gmail that allows you to track and monitor the emails you send.

With it, you’ll know how people interact with your emails, allowing you to get data on how your specific emails work and thus to make them better.

MailTag also works as a tool that allows you to send automatic follow-ups if your emails aren’t opened. And also as an automatic scheduler with the option to schedule emails in a specific timezone.


Remember that email that you sent where you noticed a huge mistake, a few seconds after it was already sent?

We did cover how to extend your Undo Email option to 30 seconds in one of our previous posts, but what if you never had to undo an email?

That’s where Grammarly comes in.

Your grammar and spelling?

G Suite Apps to Take Your Work to the Next Level, Grammarly, grammar correction

It’s like what you wear in public.

People judge.

If your writing whether it’s documents or emails consists of mistakes, people will lower your worth right away.

Unfortunately, due to the way our brains work, we often can’t see our own mistakes when we make them.

And that applies to everyone.

And that’s where Grammarly comes in.

Instead of vastly overpaying for grammar correction by humans, Grammarly uses AI to figure out the mistakes that you don’t see. And it’s a tool that keeps getting more advanced, allowing for better and better correction of your writing. 

These 5 G Suite Apps Will Take Your Work to the Next Level

Found these apps useful? On our blog, we cover many other G Suite apps, quotes, as well as how to write your pitches and emails better.

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