The Undo Send feature in Gmail has become a default feature, and rightly so since it can save your life. Except, at default, it’s only set for 5 seconds. That’s often not enough to realize that there’s a catastrophic issue with your Gmail email. In this quick guide on how to extend the undo send in Gmail and G Suite, we cover how to extend that number to 30 seconds.

…So that you no longer have to deal with those regrets when you realize you mentioned a wrong name/company in an email. Or when you made a very big mistake that will cost you a lot.

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We also share some of our favorite Gmail tricks.

How To Extend Undo Send in Gmail

Click on the gear icon (located at the top-right corner of your Gmail), and click on the tab Settings label.

Scroll down to the section labeled Undo Send and select your undo send cancellation period to be at 30 seconds. You also need to scroll down to the bottom of the page to save your changes. Otherwise, this undo send function won’t be extended to 30 seconds.

Right away, you have given yourself the opportunity to fix catastrophic issues with your email. Issues that would otherwise most likely cost you the result you wanted.

Remember that time when you mentioned the competition’s product in an email as if it was of the company you emailed? Yeah, we dealt with that too. With a 30 second extend to undo send in Gmail and undo send in G Suite, if you choose to quickly read over the email after it’s sent, you have enough time to notice if your email has catastrophic to success issues, and thus time to undo it.

Other Useful Things You Can Do in Your Gmail Settings

Most people have never gone into their Gmail settings in their life. Gmail has a lot of great hidden features such as the 30 second undo email section that most people don’t know about.

We dive into them into more detail in our post about 10 Gmail Tricks and Tips.

Here Are a Few of Our Gmail Favorites Settings:

1. The Ability to Filter Emails and Put Them Into Labels.

For instance, you can create an Interview folder where all your interview requests whether drafts or received can be.

First, Create New Label by going to Labels.

Second, go to Filters and Blocked Addresses, and press to Create a New Filter.

How to Extend the Undo Send in Gmail to Fix Your Mistakes

In this example, we’ll put in Interview in the Has the Words section followed by Create Filter. This will result in all emails with that word being filtered.

How to Extend the Undo Send in Gmail to Fix Your Mistakes

Now you’ll have the option to connect the filter with the label. So that those emails end up in the Interview label for your easy access. You can also apply this label to already existing conversations by selecting the right box.

The Ability to Track Emails

Wouldn’t it be great if you could know what happens after you send an email?

You can. It’s just that no email client will ever provide this function, even as a hidden-feature, as it’s too controversial for a company for Google to do so.

And that’s where Chrome plugins like MailTag come in which allow you to track when your emails get opened in real-time.

With MailTag, you’ll know when people open your emails, what links they click on, but most importantly, you’ll have an outlook on which emails are more likely to be a success based on how people interact with them.

MailTag also allows you to send automatic follow-ups to those that haven’t opened your emails yet, while you can craft more detailed follow-ups to those who have been looking at your email a lot but haven’t responded yet.

Scheduling of Emails

Another one of Gmail’s great hidden features is the ability to schedule emails, although this isn’t as much of a hidden feature. It’s just hidden in plain sight.

How to Extend the Undo Send in Gmail to Fix Your Mistakes

Press on the small arrow to the right of Send, and you will be able to schedule your email.

If you would like to get even more advanced with email scheduling, you can do so with MailTag. Just press on the Clock icon which is the second from the left. And then schedule your email, with advanced features such as timezone of the recipient.


That’s How to Extend Undo Send in Gmail and G Suite

There are not many worse feelings on the internet than of sending an email that had some serious mistakes which right away cross out the chances of success. Extending the undo send in Gmail can fix that issue.

As far as our favorite Gmail tricks, email tracking can fix your email mistakes by showing you which emails get replies, and which are ignored.

Why not try it out? Just install the MailTag extension and you are good to go.

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