Do you want to make your first $1000 freelancing in just 30 days? If you are able to provide someone with value right now, if you follow these steps, it’s going to be easy.

If you aren’t, we recommend that you spend some extra time learning and that you come back here when you are ready.

Your First $1000 Freelancing Starts with Your Mindset

What stops most beginner freelancers from making an income online is the limiting belief that nobody will want to pay them that much money…

Make your first $1000 Freelancing

“If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.” -Henry Ford

If you are able to offer value to a business with whatever you do, then it makes sense for a business to pay you money for it. Especially considering that that business will pay you far less money than if they just had to hire a proper employee.

The second fear? 

The fear of rejection.

Not everybody will want to work with you. You can be the best of the best, and no matter what, not everybody will want to wor with you. And that’s perfectly fine. It’s not personal. If you can get over that fear, you will be able to make your first $1000 freelancing in just 30 days, and possibly even more.

Position Yourself as an Expert to Get Your First $1000 Freelancing

Before you even start looking for clients, you need to position yourself as an expert.

Here are the steps for that:

  1. Create a website that showcases your expertise and shows what you do.
  2. Get a professional email.
  3. Have a portfolio that you can share via email or put it on your site and LinkedIn.
  4. Narrow down on what you do.

Creating a Website

You’ll find plenty of guides around how to create a website on the internet. 

Make your first $1000 Freelancing

The easiest option? 

To go to GoDaddy and set up a site with WordPress.

Your website doesn’t have to be the most stunning. It just needs to show what you do, and luckily websites are pretty easy to get going.

A Professional Email

Using a professional email makes you appear more genuine and creates more trust. 

Having a Portfolio

Before you can make your first $1000 freelancing, you need to be able to show that you are capable of producing.

If you are just starting out and don’t have any client work that you could show at all, create some.

For instance, if you are a product photographer, take some products that you have and act like you are already working with that company, and then use them.

Without a portfolio or means of showing what you can do, whether it’s on your site or when pitching, you won’t be able to get clients.

Narrowing Down

Nobody wants to hire someone that can do everything.

Top clients hire people that expertise in a specific field.

You might think that you are reducing your potential reach by narrowing down, and while that’s true, you are, in fact, increasing the chances of getting a client because top-clients look for experts.

Preparation for Pitching

  1. Search for potential clients.
  2. Research them.
  3. Pitch.

Pitching a company right after finding it won’t necessarily prevent you from making your first $1000 when freelancing in your first 30 days, it will simply waste a lot of your time as it’s not efficient to switch between tasks.

That’s why you are better off creating a spreadsheet that consists of a list of companies that you will email, followed by you gathering information about them, and then emailing them afterward.

Ideally, create a spreadsheet with a list of companies that you will email, followed by researching them so that you can create a customized pitch, followed by you sending a pitch at the start of the day.

The Pitch to Get Your First $1000 Freelancing

The success of cold emailing goes down to 4 elements:

1. Quality. 2. Quantity 3. Luck.  4. Follow-ups.


The objective of your pitch? To offer a solution to an issue a potential client has.

If a potential client doesn’t have great pictures, which could be costing that client, sales, offer a solution. If your potential client doesn’t have a blog that’s updated enough costing on organic reach, offer a solution.

Here’s are the 3 pillars of a pitch that will help you land a client that will make you your first $1000 freelancing:

  1. Start with an honest compliment.
  2. State the problem.
  3. Offer a solution.

Your honest compliment will make your potential client aware that you researched the company and will build trust. It will also make the problem sound less harsh than if you just stated it right away. 

Make sure you don’t copy and paste pitches, and that what you are saying is customized.

You need to customize every outreach (email) you send.

Put yourself into the shoes of your potential client. He/she probably receives tens or hundreds of cold emails every day. What makes you stand out?

Whatever you send, though, remember that it’s never about you. It’s about them. Your potential clients care about how you will help their business, not about how long you’ve been taking pictures.

We’ve already mentioned positioning yourself as an expert. Make sure to utilize that in your cold emails by linking to a portfolio/work, and by including a signature at the bottom of the email with links to the likes of your site.

Before you send your offer, ask yourself this, what makes what you offer standout?


Regardless of how great your pitch is, some people will not be interested in your services. 

That’s where quantity comes in. 

Your great cold emails will only work if they reach enough people.

How many people should you be reaching? 

Ask yourself how much you will charge and then break down how many clients you need to complete that goal.

A photographer and looking to charge $200 for product photography? You may only need 5 clients per month. An editor? You might only need one client with weekly work to make your first $1000.

Make your first $1000 Freelancing

If you only need 5 clients per month, that doesn’t mean that you should only email 5 people every day, though. Considering that only 24% of sales emails get opened, you should multiply how many clients you need by 4, and that’s how many you should be reaching out to every day.

Make sure to set concrete goals with this as otherwise, you won’t follow through. Try to reach your daily goal no matter what. 

A great way to track if you are emailing enough is by using MailTag which is one of the Top 5 Benefits of Email Tracking Software. Just add it to Chrome, and our dashboard will notify you of how many emails you are sending. 

The Follow-Up

Put yourself in the shoes of a CEO or even of a CMO of a company.

They get a ton of emails, and it gets overwhelming.

Make your first $1000 Freelancing

Sometimes your email gets opened glanced at and just forgotten because somebody just bought a company that was a disaster and needs to fix it. Sometimes your email just simply gets missed entirely.

That’s why follow-ups are so important. They give your email a chance to be seen again.

And surprisingly, most of the time, it’s not that your pitched sucked or that somebody doesn’t want to work with you. It’s just that you need to follow-up.

MailTag is also able to help you there as a tool that’s able to automatically send follow-ups based on whether an email has been opened or not.

Make your first $1000 Freelancing

Just customize your pings prior, select the modified sequence you would like to be sent to a specific individual/company, and if there’s no response at all from that email, MailTag will send a set of follow-ups for you automatically every few days.

That’s How to Make Your First $1000 Freelancing in Just 30 Days

You might make your first $1000 freelancing in just 7 days after you read this or it might take you 2 weeks.

Either way, if you are able to provide someone with value and implement these strategies while avoiding the Top 5 Simple Cold Emailing Mistakes mentioned you will get clients, and not just to make your first $1000, but to make many more.

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