Immediately Increase Your Sales With These 4 Tips (That are incredibly simple)

The internet has a lot of actionable advice on increasing your sales. But while we often look at complex tips to increase sales tips which are important too, often doing something simply makes as much of a difference. In this post, we cover 4 incredibly simple tips that will increase your sales immediately.

Tip 1. Get Energetic! (One of the Least Done Aspects That Will Increase Your Sales)

“Selling is essentially a transfer of feelings.” — Zig Ziglar

Regardless of whatever you sell whether it’s your freelance services, houses, software, or watches, one truth will always remain constant:

Energy and enthusiasm are foundational selling traits.

Prospects prefer to buy from reps who are enthusiastic about the products and services that they represent — not reps who don’t enjoy their work and look forward to leaving the office each day at 5:00 PM sharp.

Of course, “energy and enthusiasm” doesn’t mean that you have to be “bouncing off the walls” with ten cups of coffee in your bloodstream, but it is easy to tell even from an email when someone is excited or not.

Immediately Increase Your Sales With These 4 Tips (That are incredibly simple)

Being energetic and enthusiastic is about conveying your passion for wanting to help the other individual accomplish their wants/needs with your product or service.

Tip 2. Use Bullet-Points/Structure)

Using a bullet-points or some form of a structure will put you “in control” of your sales call, chat or message — which will help you feel more confident when speaking with prospects.

If you ever had a call or even a chat with a prospect and found yourself stuck because you didn’t know what to say next, this is where this tip comes in as a way for you to convert sales quicker and better.

Having a pre-made structure that will allow you to know what to cover next will position you as an expert.

Of course, successful sales calls are never “one-way” conversations.

The majority portion of your sales call should consist of you listening to your prospect, not speaking.

Tip 3. Schedule a Majority of Your Sales Calls & and Send Your Emails Before Noon (The Most Effective Tip to Increase Sales)

Both you and your prospect will have more energy in the earlier part of the day, as compared to the later hours of the afternoon.

That means that you are more likely to get a positive decision in the morning.

Research has shown time and time again that prospects are significantly more likely to say “yes” to new opportunities and proposals when presented during the first half of the day, and it’s not just the case with prospects, it’s even the case with court cases.

Tip 4. Show Emotions

When making a sales call, don’t forget to smile!

A smile can be “heard” in your voice and instantly changes the energy of your conversation.

One of the commonly made mistakes in sales is the lack of human emotions. You need to show emotions. We are humans, we like emotions. Applying this simple tip will increase your sales right away.

This tip applies mostly to calls, but it does also work with emails, as there are ways to show emotion in an email.

This post is a modified version of a post originally featured on MailTag’s older blog.

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