Email subject lines are responsible for the opening or lack of opening of 33% of emails, based on the research study done by Convince & Convert.

Top 5 Most Overused Sales Email Subject Lines
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The same study also indicated that emails with personalized subject lines are 22.2% more likely to be opened.

If you are using email subject lines that everyone else is using, regardless of how great your email is, you are vastly decreasing the chances of someone opening it.

If you put yourself in the shoes of your prospect, would you open your sales outreach?

If your answer is “no”, it’s time to make a change.

To help you avoid what not do, here are the most overused sales email subject lines! (Avoid these like the plague!).

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Bad Subject Line #1: “Business Opportunity.”

This subject line doesn’t tell your recipient anything.

Therefore it doesn’t get much interest.

How many “business opportunities” do your prospects receive in a day?

Probably a lot.

Bad Subject Line #2: “[Company]+[Prospect Name]”

More like “Boring + Overused”.

This subject line sparks little interest (if any) and is likely to be immediately sent to the “spam dungeon” before it’s ever opened.

A subject line that you can use instead? Helping x Grow With x.

There’s nothing wrong with using a prospect name in an email if it’s done right.

And that means if your email subject line is personalized enough.

Example: Helping MailTag With Design.

If someone at MailTag is looking for design, that right away would increase interest.

Bad Subject Line #3: “Request.”(This Email Subject Line Works in Some Cases)

There are many things wrong with this subject line.

The main problem is that it instantly implies you need something from your recipient (likely their time, money, or energy).

If you want to turn your prospect off, the fastest way to do so is by expressing your own selfish needs and desires.

However, this is in fact a subject line that does work well in certain instances such as when you are indeed requesting products for review or samples.

Bad Subject Line #4: [Prospect], I am NOT a Robot” (The Worst of the Worst Bad Email Subject Lines)

Nothing says you’re a robot more than the subject line “I am not a robot”.

You might have thought that this is a creative way of sending an email to show someone that you aren’t just doing a copy and paste on your emails, but this is a very ineffective email subject line.

Bad Subject Line #5: “I Need 5 Minutes of Your Time”

Anytime you start your email with “I need [XYZ]”, don’t expect to receive a response. Reason being: No one cares about what you need.

Other people simply care about how you can help them get what they want.

For example, instead of starting your email with “I need [XYZ]”, a better substitute would be, “I can help you with [XYZ]” — now you’re thinking from the other person’s point of view!

If you only take away from this article, let it be this:

Think from the recipient’s point of view.

And before you send your sales outreach, take a second to ask yourself if you would open and reply to your email if you were in the other person’s shoes!

How to Track Whether Your Email Subject Lines Are Being Opened

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Top 5 Most Overused Sales Email Subject Lines

With it, you’ll know exactly how many people open and don’t open your emails, and based on that you can see what type of email subject lines are working for you.

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